What are art mediums? A medium refers to the physical material used to create a work of art. This can include anything from paints on a surface to 3d representations.. There are many new mediums today with the invention of modern materials and techniques. Like 3d printing, resins to name a couple.  I enjoy a traditional approach to modern materials.  To feel the cement textures and the resin's in contrast to glass or steel is very invigorating.  But too is the visual experiences of watercolors on paper, the opacities in contrast to the vivid colors of oils .

Mediums can be presented in multiple ways. Artists can work with 2D or 3D mediums. The materials used to create art is a direct choice of the artist.  Albeit a necessary one to convey the true meaning the artist is envisioning.  My current mediums are:

  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Printmaking
  • Pottery
  • Mixed media

I feel most comfortable when creating in both 2d and 3d by the idea I wishing to put forth.  I feel restricting ones own creativity to a single type of material or medium is stifling and counter intuitive.

I enjoy history to the point of recreating it as much as possible.  Let me explain; when I was earning my bachelors degree in fine arts I discovered printmaking. Specifically Intaglio using copper plates.  Carving the plates to create the image was a lengthy process, which was repeated many times to get the desired results.  It was so physical, even sculptural you might say, that the process of carving, or etching the plates was as satisfying as the final image, that I began exploring more and more about it's origins.  Finding out how it all started, leading me to truly enjoy history for the first time.  Learning about it's invention, the making of paper, mezzotinting, and the specialized tools created for different effects. Fascinated me further to the realization I wanted to experience it as though I was there. 

So I began to make my own papers, mordants and acids.  Found what minerals were used for pigments in the 14th century and experimented in my own paint making formulas and processes, as the artist's did before me.  Wow it was very enlightening to say the least.  I learned more by reliving this process of making all of my own materials than I ever could in a modern art institute.  It drove me to authenticity of process and I felt I could actually have a connection to the great artists of history by proxy. 

So It is the driving force behind all of my artistic decisions today, how can I create, who I am, how I feel, what I see... and bring them to others.  The materials and mediums I choose are a direct result of my reconnecting with the past to envision my own future.

I am an artist living in Northern Maine, USA.  I have been creating art in many different mediums form most of my life.  Thank you for visiting my site,  Shannon King. 



13 Gilman Street, Mars Hill, Maine 04758

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