reconstructed temple

Built from a clay original This sculpture is comprised of steel, cement, & resin.  

Many of our culture has been lost to looting and destruction throughout history.  Our current collections  include many “reconstructed”  works brought back from the rubble.

This work is my homage to the effort to save history from being forever lost.

I find a certain beauty and pleasing aesthetic to seeing the contrast between what may have been ancient and to what was recreated or “the lost part.”

Approx Dimensions are: 16" (41mm) high, 5" (13mm) Wide, 4" (10mm) depth.

reconsctruction torso
reconsctruction legs
reconsctruction torso2
reconsctruction rear view


I am an artist living in Northern Maine, USA.  I have been creating art in many different mediums form most of my life.  Always trying new techniques, styles or sensibilities. I create what I enjoy from the world around me and try to make sense of my purpose in it.  Things that make me laugh, cry or feel anything, things that impact my dreams, things that move me to create my vision of events or emotions are what drive me to express myself in art.

When I studied ancient civilizations as a young artist.  Hellenistic Greece was the one that influenced me the most.  They truly showed a delicate balance between the real forms of humanity and the idealistic mythos of this time. This fascinated me and gave me a sense of artistic direction. Today I wanted to put a modern twist on the materials used, from stone to wood, steel, cement, epoxy etc.  I love the variety of materials with their natural textures.



13 Gilman Street, Mars Hill, Maine 04758

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